Using Rig Setups Improves Fitness More Efficiently

It is no big secret that physical health is important but many people make the excuse that they really don’t have the time to work out. While it is certainly true that we are busier than ever—and more overworked, to boot—there is still plenty of time in the day to exercise. In fact, there is probably a lot more time than most of us would assume.

Still, nobody wants to feel rushed so it is important to make your workouts as efficient as possible. As such, you want to find an exercise strategy that can work more muscle groups in less time, burning fat and calories, and increasing endurance; and all simultaneously, if possible.

Of course, that is probably asking too much, but exercise strategies like CrossFit use equipment like Platinum Rig setups that are, in fact, designed to work more muscles in less time, just like you want.


The best workout equipment setup can help you improve your weight loss, muscle building, or overall fitness improvement results by changing up the traditional workout routines. There was once a time, for example, that you would work only one muscle group at a time and then rest a day or two. Now experts are learning that we can work multiple muscle groups at the same time and rest in different ways to maximize results.

As such, a quality rig should have most (or preferably all) of the following:

  • parallel bars
  • [irregular] monkey bars
  • mounted ropes
  • station dips
  • pull up bars
  • Olympic rings
  • a weight lifting section


Using equipment like this—in the way it was intended—forces you to be flexible You have to adapt very quickly between the different exercise landscapes, switching somewhat effortlessly through the various stations. The purpose of this, of course, is to make it so you find more ways to workout within your schedule and to meet your specific fitness goals.


Even if you are trying specifically to build muscle, fitness training is more than just lifting weights. Using a rig system to help improve your versatility and efficiency while building strength also improves your body’s overall flexibility and adaptability too.

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