Loneliness can be overwhelming

Loneliness can be overwhelming when you are depressed. You feel like you are alone no matter how many people surround you. You want to be close to your loved ones, but you don’t want to hurt them with your misery. You fear it may be contagious. This only makes you feel worse. The fact is that you need to let them know how you feel to find help, and this article will give you the strategies you need.

If you aren’t comfortable telling your loved ones how you feel yet, join an online support group instead. You can anonymously talk about what you are going through, be it crying spells or suicidal thoughts. They will provide you with advice based on what they have tried and found successful. Once you are more confident, you can join a local support group as well. That allows you to find peers nearby who are going through what you are. You can speak with them outside of group meetings as well so you can be support to each other when things are really bad.

Locating a support group online or in your local area is easy. Just go on Google and type in “depression support group”. Read some of the posts until you find a forum which is welcoming, honest and open. If it feels good in your gut, that’s the place you should go. To find a local support group, just add your city and state to the search term. You can also check out WebMD.com as they have a comprehensive list available.

Support groups don’t just meet to discuss how sad everyone is. In fact, they offer forms of therapy which can actually help the members start to feel better. For example, people will share their fears in life which are causing them emotional discomfort. This relief in front of people who will never judge you can really free your spirit.


Members also share what they are trying and what they have tried in the past. For example, some foods are said to be mood boosters, and members may swap recipes which are healthy and enjoyable. They can also talk about herbal supplements, exercise techniques or how they changed their bad sleeping habits. The advice given is from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, so you can be sure that it is trustworthy.

Remember that support groups are totally free. At the same time, you may feel more comfortable in a group of peers who are in the same financial class as you. Listening to rich people problems can only serve to further depress someone in financial distress! Find a group which meets near you as it will likely be made up of people in a similar financial situation to yourself.

Depression can really get you down, but using the above tips should have you back on your feet. Just make sure to put them to use for the best results. Once you start to feel better, making friends with people just like you, you will be able to return to a life you can enjoy. That is the best result possible!

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